Confessions of a parent of a child with chronic medical needs

I deceived my daughter. I did it on a regular basis, time and time again. I meant no harm, in fact, just the opposite — I wanted to spare her anxiety.

Emily had, what eventually, over time, seemed like a phobia of having medical procedures. She would immediately say no

Hearing a diagnosis of cancer will forever alter your future. But what happens initially?

Shortly after my daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, at just 7 months old, life became a whirlwind. This shouldn’t have been surprising. But, yet, it was.

Before; before I heard the words, “Your daughter has a brain tumor,” I was a caring, thoughtful individual. I was sympathetic…

Amy Daniels

Writer, mom of two, one who had disabilities and complex medical issues due to a brain tumor. Memoir, Reaching For Normal, is available where books are sold.

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