Confessions of a parent of a child with chronic medical needs

I deceived my daughter. I did it on a regular basis, time and time again. I meant no harm, in fact, just the opposite — I wanted to spare her anxiety.

Emily had, what eventually, over time, seemed like a phobia of having medical procedures. She would immediately say no

Hearing a diagnosis of cancer will forever alter your future. But what happens initially?

Shortly after my daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, at just 7 months old, life became a whirlwind. This shouldn’t have been surprising. But, yet, it was.

Before; before I heard the words, “Your daughter has a brain tumor,” I was a caring, thoughtful individual. I was sympathetic…

When “pandemic life” is the same as your everyday life.

Most of us can claim that our lives have been interrupted, at least slightly, by the global pandemic that’s been ravaging the world for the last year. Probably even more than slightly. And due to this pandemic, more and more people are openly discussing mental health issues that people experience…

Amy Daniels

Writer, mom of two, one who had disabilities and complex medical issues due to a brain tumor. Memoir, Reaching For Normal, is available where books are sold.

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